Tuesday, October 28, 2014

♫ No matter what the clothes you wear...

Or how you do your hair
No matter what you try to change
I'll always feel the same
No matter what the car you drive
No make-up face to disguise
I'll always see you from the inside
The inside out
I'll always see you from the inside
The inside out
I'll always see you from the inside ♫

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The lighter Side Of Halloween

The lighter Side Of Halloween

Eyes - Clemmm - Scope Eyes Scarlet NEW!!@TAG Gacha
Hair - MOON - Mias La NEW!!@No21
Horns - *BOOM* Incubus/Succubus Horns (sugar) NEW!!@TAG Gacha
Clothes - .So-Hai. - Plastique NEW!!
Bracelet – A&A - Cuff White and Black NEW!!
Necklace - .::Cubic Cherry. Kre-ations::. Memories NEW!!@TFC



~Model One~(Base On close up)

Hair - *PINK HUSTLER* 70535 Susb. Fatpack Gift FREE!!
Neck Scarf - Izzie's -  Little Silk  Gacha !!

~Model Two~

Hair - (NO) Bob Wig
Hat - MOON -Wide Brim Hat NEW!!@No.21
Neck Bow - Bowtique - Sash Accessory
Shades - ::LC:: Kitty NEW!!@The Showroom

~Model Three~

Hair - [e] Thrive (Not sure if still Available)
Headband - Gizza - Gacha!!@TC4
Lip Makeup (All Models) - Izzie's - Dark Patty @TDRF
Dress (All Models) - NS::  Mesh Dress 60`s NEW!!@Fashion Story Fair

Always Love those whom we Admire

Always Love those whom we Admire

Hair - [INK] - BOVVER
Shades - SYL / The "Telly" - Plain (Gold Metal)
Jacket w/Shirt  -  MIkunch-Mens No-sleeves NEW!!@Season Story
Pants -  AMERIE - Cargo
Shoes - [NikotiN] SplitRock

Monday, October 20, 2014

There are two ways of spreading light

There are two ways of spreading light... be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
~Model One~

Hair - Catwa - Bianka NEW!!
Lip Makeup - Pink Acid - City Girl NEW!!@The Cosmetic Halloween Fair
Necklace - (NO) Spooky Girl Portrait - Miranda@TAG Gacha
Top - . So-Hai . Scallop NEW!!
Pants - . So-Hai . Faded Jeans NEW!!

~Model Two~
Hair - Catwa - Carla NEW!!
Big Melty Bow - Spellbound Velvet (Melty) Mystery Rare@TAG Gacha
Top - . So-Hai . Melting NEW!!
Shorts -  So-Hai . Roller Short NEW!!
Gloves - T7E - Dipped! Gloves: Cream FREE!!

Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

 Halloween Makeup - Vampira,Spider Web,La Catrina,Smile Stitches 10L NEW!! {C.C.M.}




Hair - +Spellbound+ Velvet NEW!!@TAG Gacha
Jacket w/wo Shirt - Eaters Coma - Pocket Knitted Cardigan NEW!!@Season Story
Pants - . So-Hai . Tide NEW!!
Heels - AZOURY - Cordelia NEW!! (Starts Oct 25)@After 6 Days
Mouse & Zorrito - *ionic* Tales of MiceNEW!!Gacha!!@Season Story

Halloween Spirit

Halloween Spirit
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mayou NEW!!@The Unique Varied (Starts Oct 22)
Eyes - .la petite morte. - clarity eyes FREE!!@Season Story
Neck Bow - Bowtique - Sash Accessory {Neutral Pack}
Dress - *GF* 2014 Halloween Gift Dress Set FREE!!
Stocking - HIATUS - Yellow Lace socks RARE NEW!!@TGM
Shoes - .tsg. Ruffle Platforms
Companion - *MishMish* Scawy Monster Mystery RARE NEW!!@TAG Gacha
Wash Tub Full of Pumpkins - A.D.D.Andel Gift FREE!!@Season Story

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Keep It Real


Keep It Real

Hair - [Iruco] 25
Sunglasses - S O R G O - WIRE / Black (SG) NEW!!@TMD
Sweater -D R O P -Pullover w/Shoulder NEW!!@The Season Story
Pants - Spirit Store - Nerto
Pipe weed - [NikotiN] Bong Classic NEW!!@TMD
Camera - ATTIC Elfman Vintage Camera NEW!!Gacha!!@Kustom9
Shoes - REIGN -Lavie NEW!!@Kustom9

Girl's day out!

F A S H I O N'S  S T O R Y  F A I R  2014 >>> Grand opening - Sunday 19th (4PM sl) !!

The best luck of all...

The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.

Hair - [taketomi] Izumi NEW!!
Makeup - Izzie's - VIP Group Gift September 2014 (Fee to Join)
Outfit - Spirit Store - Autumn NEW!!@The Season Story
Bag - NS::  Mesh Duffle NEW!!@TGM
Camera - ATTIC Elfman Vintage Camera NEW!!Gacha!!@Kustom9
Heels - REIGN.- Suede NEW!!@Saturday Sale


Pose  (Complete) - [Posetivity] -  Hunter6 Curvy
Pose  (Legs) - [Posetivity] - Sabreen 4

Saturday, October 18, 2014

There's a shade of red for every woman.

"Audrey Hepburn"



Lip Makeup - Pink Acid - City Girl  Red Wine NEW!!@The Cosmetic Halloween Fair
Hair - MOON Junip Villain NEW!!@The Body Modification
Dripping Blood - Izzie's - Halloween Gift FREE!!
Big Bow- Spellbound NEW!!@TAG Gacha
Dress - The Secret Store - Anita Empire NEW!!@C88
Stocking -  *PerveTTe* Spider NEW!!@OMG Room
Boots - 2PM. Gee gee NEW!!@TGM


Pose  (Complete Close up& Legs) - [Posetivity] -  Maverick1
Pose  (Upper Half Body ) - [Posetivity] -  Maverick3 1

Friday, October 17, 2014

So...Now to decide..

if to use my powers for good or evil ! -.-

Sexy Ladybug!



Skin - Amelia - Gacha Mania 12 RARE NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM
Lip Makeup - Izzie's - Dark (Patty) NEW!!@TDRF
Face Makeup - Chus! - Sparkles & Deer Make
Hair (Use Hud to hide Ears) - ^.^Ayashi^.^ Michi NEW!!@The Body Modification
Top - M&M Body Shapes - Moi NEW!!
Necklace  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - Druid's Call  NEW!!@TOF
Gloves - :AE: Hands Opera Gloves

The World Needs a Sexy Superhero

^.^The World Needs a Sexy Superhero ^.^

I will welcome Ayashi^.^ to my Sponsors List! <3 Ty!!

Head - <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Alma NEW!!@The Boho Culture Fair 2014
Mouse Glasses - [ef] -  Mousey Mask Glasses NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM
Bodysuit - [N*Monkey] 'Juicy BodyLatex NEW!!@Nice to be
Wings - [RI] Batty Wings FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
Butterflies - Echoes - Happy Times FREE!!
Heels - *Epic* Glitter Glass Gumball NEW!!@The Big Show


Pose 1 (Complete) - [Posetivity] -  Sabreens5 Curvy NEW!!
Pose 2 (Crouch) - LUXE - WS3Pose3
Pose 3 (Closeup) - LUXE - WS6pose7

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keep Your Life Simple

Keep Your Life Simple

Skin & Lip  - Pink Acid - Banshee + App. NEW!!@The Cosmetic Halloween Fair
Hair - MOON - Plateau NEW!!@Vintage & Cool Fair
Hat - {amiable} - Beret FREE!! NEW!!@Season Story
Shades- SORGO - FLINT 9L$ NEW!!@Kustom9 Anniversary
Book - Cocoroni - Book Clutch 9L$ NEW!!@Kustom9 Anniversary
Bag - David Heather - Frang Bag FREE!! NEW!!@Season Story
Bangles - (Kunglers) - Coppers NEW!!@TDRF
Top - GATO- Silky Blouses NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM
Pants w/Suspenders - Spirit Store - Kusa  NEW!!@Kustom9 Anniversary
Boots - FLite. - Rustic Brown NEW!!@Season Story


Pose 1 (Complete) - [Posetivity] -  Hunter6 Curvy1 NEW!!
Pose 2 (Half Body) - [Posetivity] - Hunter2 NEW!!
Pose 3 (Close up) - [Posetivity] - Ariana5 NEW!!

♫There's a girl in me..

that makes me wear bright colors when i walk the streets ♫

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

Hat - 8f8 - Head Monsters FREE!!@The Season Story
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Michi NEW!!@Body Modification
Candle Holder - *MishMish* Candlelish FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
Necklace - .trinket. - Halloween Bauble FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
Bangles - Faun - Cheapie 9L$ @Kustom9 Anniversary
Slink Nail Hands & Feet Polish - [theSkinnery]  Bats  FREE!!@The Season Story
Top - [monso] My Off Shoulder NEW!!@Uber
Skirt - PO. -Falling In Love NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM
Socks - .tsg. Frilly Lace - Sheer White
Heels - Blah. - My Delight NEW!!@Body Modification


[Atooly] Halloween Candles (Green, Orange & Purple) FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
PILOT - Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
Tarte. - Spider Web Light FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
windsong - Happy Halloween Garland FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
Kaleidoscope - Ghost - FREE!!@Trunk or Treat
{tg.} - Halloween Banner w/pose FREE!!@Trunk or Treat

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Touch


The Touch
Skin - Deesses - 4th Collection All Tones NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM
Hairbase - Paperbag- Twigs  NEW!!@The Cosmetic Fair Halloween
Eyes - .{Okaie}. Dazzle FREE!!
Lip Makeup - Pink Acid & LM Overly Gloss NEW!!@The Cosmetic Fair Halloween
Bracelet - A&A - Cuff White and Black NEW!!
Rings - [7891.] The Estate Rings Collection NEW!!Gacha!!@TGM

"The silence of Nature is very real,..

it surrounds you..you can feel it " "Ted Trueblood"

Fantasy Book Story

Fantasy Book Story

Body- *COCO DOLL* Doll
Head - *COCO DOLL* Dolls Head Group Gift FREE!!
Hair - Alice Project - Lillian - Infinity
Ears - *Epic* Mesh Sylph
Headband - Nomi - Macarons Hat NEW!!@TGM
Necklace & Companion - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - Druid's Call  NEW!!@TOF
Horns - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Faded NEW!!@Body Modification
Tail - C C Kre-ations -Captive stars~ day Tail NEW!!@The Mystic Realms Fair
Bodysuit - *COCO DOLL* Doll Bodysuit NEW!!
Balloons Basket - floorplan. Gacha NEW!!@The Gathering

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Move over Boys,..

                Let this Girl show you how to Race!

Evil Kills

Evil Kills

Skin - Essences - Ingrid NEW!!@TDRF
Eyebrows - .tsg. Mini Brows
Lip Makeup - Izzie's - Darks NEW!!@TDRF
Hair - TRUTH  Neria NEW!!@Mystic Realms Fair
Bones (Neck Boobs & Wings) - [LDP] Angel de la Muerte NEW!!@Bloody Horror Fair
Bruises - [LDP] Beaten-UP NEW!!@Bloody Horror Fair
Dress - Lolita - Spider NEW!!@Bloody Horror Fair
Stocking- *PerveTTe* Luxy NEW!!@The Vintage and Cool Fair

Live as if you were to die tomorrow

Live as if you were to die tomorrow

Model One

Top - [Bay Harbor] Leather Jacket NEW!!@TC4
Pants - Bueno - Lexi Denim Jeans Faded

Model Two

Beanie - D R O P  -  FREE!!@The Season Story
Sweater- [AB] Pullover NEW!!@Cosmopolitan
Pants - Not so Bad - James

Monday, October 13, 2014

One of my strongest allies is my sister

One of my strongest allies is my sister
Model One

Skin - Pink Acid - Joy + ALL Appliers 3 Tones NEW!!@TDRF
Hair - Soonsiki - Day Dreams NEW!!@The Season Story
Headpiece - Zenith -Happy Halloween Headband FREE!!@The Season Story
Bag - Pink Acid - Donut Cake Gacha NEW!!@The Seasons Story
Dress - tres blah - Darling NEW!!@C88
Slink Hand Polish - [NI.JU] - Metallic Group Gift!! FREE!!
Shoes - .tsg. Ruffle Platforms

Model Two

Skin - Pink Acid  - Iokko + ALL Appliers NEW!!@The Season Story
Hair - (Chemistry) - Meeka
Horns - PANIK  -Horns Flowers Gift FREE!!@The Season Story
Lollipop - DirtyStories - Trick Or Treat Group Gift FREE!!
Bangles - pr!tty Gift FREE!!@The Season Story
Dress - *COCO* -TeeDress Group Gift FREE!!
Shoes - *COCO* Platform Sneakers Group Gift FREE!!

My Lil Ghost

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour

Model One

Hair - Lamb - NEW!!@C88
Dress - [LDP] - Prom Queen  NEW!!Soon!!@The Beauty Pageant Event
Clutch - LUXE. - Rose NEW!!Soon!!@Kustom9
Heels - REIGN - Liberty Wedges- (HIGH)- Cherry

Model Two

Hair - TRUTH - Olinda NEW!!@Mystic Realms Fair
Headpiece - Junbug - Crown Of The Thuaha Gift FREE!!@Season Story
Earrings - ^^Swallow^^ Skully Earring Black NEW!!@TDRF
Necklace - C'est la vie -Cecily Group Gift FREE!!
Dress - Lolita - Diabolique NEW!!Soon!!@The Beauty Pageant Event
Stocking- *PerveTTe* Eccentric NEW!!@Boho Culture
Nail Polish Slink - c.A - Polka Dot FREE Gift @Season Story
Heels - *REIGN.- Trance - Black
Camera Lamp - HIDEKI -Gacha NEW!!@TC4

" I am the shadow on the moon..

at night,filling your dreams to the brim with fright"  >> "Tim Burton"

I heard that you were sick,..

Feel safe i'm here...I'ts time for your Medicine!

Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations
Hair - [^.^ Ayashi^.^] Little Witch NEW!!@RMK
Outfit - ::NS:: - Bohemian NEW!!@The Boho Culture Fair

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.
Hair - [taketomi] Minaj NEW!!@Season Story
Jacket - :::LP Homme::: Denim Jacket NEW!!@TMD
Skirt - .iR. Pep Mini Denim Skirt (v1) NEW!!@TBS
Bag - ANE - Remi NEW!!@Mystic Realm Fair
Shoes - AZOURY - Leontine NEW!!@Vintage & Cool Fair



Lip Makeup - Pink Acid -Overly Done Light Gloss + Theshops NEW!!
Main Hair - [RA] Kayako V2 NEW!!@Mystic Realm Fair
Buns Hair - [RA] Kerli NEW!!
Horn Hair - [RA] Oni NEW!!
Horns -  ::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:: - Faded - NEW!!@Body Modification
Head Ornament - Glam Affair - Classy Ornament Iceberg NEW!!
Choker - RYCA

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
Hair (Buns)  - [RA] Kerli NEW!!@Mystic Realm Fair
Lip Makeup - Pink Acid -Overly Done Light Gloss + Theshops NEW!!
Dress - [Cynful] Vintage Bow NEW!!@Vintage & Cool Fair
Clutch - LUXE - Rose NEW!!Soon!!@Kustom9
Necklace - Pepe - Gold String NEW!! Dollarbie!
Jewelry - Ryca
Sandals - Eudora3D Asteria NEW!!@Mystic Realm Fair