Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A gift for you

♫ Didn't know what to get you
Ordinary just wouldn't do
But I just found the perfect gift
For you
Now I got it all ready
But it's not wrapped in red or green
Come and sit down beside me here
Underneath the Christmas tree ♫
  1. Queen bee RARE HAIR GATCHA 75L Analog Dog Hair @The Arcade
  2. Red and Silver Gift Box 5L Dream
  3. Xmas Boobie Top W/Tango Applier Crimbo HUNT GIFT Search for the stocking!!! ( M ) Mystery
  4. Christmas Slink Fingernail 1L [LEAP of FAITH]
  5.  Panties Ginger OSITO
  6. Ribbons Tattoo W/PhatAzz Applier 1L ( M ) Mystery
  7. Red Velvet shoes NEW!! -SSW-
  8. Game Show Hostess poses Free Unslutty and Undead




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