Saturday, November 30, 2013

I make it Sweet

I make it Sweet ... and you?
  1. Druid blonde hAIR 75L SALE! AD
  2. My Phone Necklace 50L Luas Urban Style
  3.  Skinny Mini Pink Dots  (top& skirt) w/Boob & Azz Appliers 50L ToXiC HiGh@ {The Boobies Planet}
  4.  "I make it sweet"  tattoo Free ~SB~
  5. GothicPrincessCuffs past post Baubles!

Friday, November 29, 2013


  1. .b blonde hair 100L BLACK FRIDAY SALE!  AD
  2. Baubles Pose GIFT Frozen@   Christmas Market Event
  3. Carissa Trench Coat NEW!! .S&C.
  4. knit tights -grey- 2L ::kDm::
  5. Cool Boots Grey 50L *Siria's Design*@ Pure Sale Room

I just want candy

Yo solo quiero dulces!!
  1. Juliet Golden Hair Gatcha 75L BCC .
  2. Pink Swirl Lollipop Free *Boof.
  3.  Heart hoodie NS::@ ROOM69
  4. Juice Box -Fruitacious 20L ! [Razzicle]
  5. Iced Cookie SLINK Nails! FREE GROUP GIFT :M&M:
  6. Jeans Mini short (past post) NS::
  7. Candy Tattoo W/PhatAzz Appliers  NEW!! ( M ) Mystery
  8. Pumped Up Kicks Magenta <*>B<*> @fi*Friday
  9.  Stand Poses (not the one that is showing the nails) 5L EACH ONE Black Friday Hunt Flash Friendly


50% off the entire store today only!!! I know there's so many of these sales all over SL.. but our already low prices are even lower... hurry!!
HURRY UP>>>>>> HERE YOUR TAXI .Sugar & Cyanide.


Happy Black Friday!!
  1. Charlize Hair w/Lolas option NEW!! Tameless
  2. George Michael Teal Jacket NEW!! <*>B<*>
  3. Wide Scarf w/Color menu option Free ::[ Mr.Poet ]::
  4. It's So Fluffy Top w/Lolas Applier NEW!! dD
  5. StoneSpiralRing NEW!! 50% off with group tag Baubles!
  6. Platform Leggings with HUD (8 textures) 49L PROMO FOR SECRET WEDNESDAY.S&C.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello everybody i still having problems with this blog here a new link where you can see some of my last week post i still working on it : /

Hola a todos  sigo teniendo problemas con mi blog por motivos que desconosco mi pasados post no son mostrados aca les dejo nuevo link donde estoy pasando los post de la semana pasada aun sigo trabajando en eso :/ 



Una de las cosas que mas amo en SL es hacer mi blog, ayer no se aun los motivos mi blog estaba bloquiado no me permitia ni mostrar ni que otro vieran mis fotos , ya todo se normalizo pero si volviera a suceder ya hize un blog alterno que en cuando lo termine les dejare saber la dirreccion !! Gracias por seguirme y habra Freaky Princess Style por un rato mas wohoo! Ahora vamos a lo que vinimos....
 One of the things I most enjoy in SL is to be able to blog. Yesterday for some reason I still don't know about my blog was not functioning. Everything is alright now, but just in case I made a alternate blog. Working to finish it, so when I do I will let you all know. Thank you for your support and there will be a Freaky Princess Style for the time to come. Woo. Now back to work ......
  1. Antlers, mouth accessory 1L Forbidden Apple hunt Les sucreries de Fairy
  2. Cobbler - Golden Blonde Hair 70L "LoQ Hair"@ The Dressing Room
  3. Amber Skin Wizarding Faire .Birdy.
  4. Legendary Chibi's Sweater w/Lolas Applier GATCHA Tits Up @ Hello Titty Slots
  5. Buckled Red Plaid Mesh Pleated Mini Skirt 1L CMSCO.
  6. Straight Jacket Piratized Boots EXCLUSIVE! Souled Out@ Rabbit Hole Sales Room! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Frosty the Snowman

♫ Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul,
With a corn cob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made of coal.
Frosty the Snowman, is a fairytale, they say.
He was made of snow, but the children know he came to life one day. ♫
  1.  IMOGEN Hair [MAG]
  2.  English Rose-Peach Skin w/Lolas Applier Free Brit Tits Hunt Drop Dead Gorgeous
  3. Winter Mesh Complete Outfit NEW!! NS::
  4. Winter Is Here Pose pack ploom@My Attic 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What does the Fox say ?


Dog goes "woof"
Cat goes "meow"
Bird goes "tweet"
And mouse goes "squeak"
Cow goes "moo"
Frog goes "croak"
And the elephant goes "toot"
Ducks say "quack"
And fish go "blub"
And the seal goes "ow ow ow"

But there's one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?

1. Foxy loxy body suite w/Lolas ,Azz Applier Brit Tits HUNT GIFT ~SB~
2.Shaman scepter beige (palo en espalda ) 30L GATCHA *May's Soul* @ FLING FAIR
 3.Ginkgo Knee tattoo (tatuaje pierna) 50L GATCHA NEO**
 4.Ginkgo SLINK FEET HUD tattoo (tatuaje para pie slink) FREE NEO**
 5.SLINK FootFashions Safari (pulsera pie slink) NEW!! Baubles!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Be with me this Christmas

Acompañame esta navidad !
  1. Alyssa Hair Free GROUP GIFT .:{Rumina}:.
  2. Trispike Horns - Ice 30L GATCHA c( TC )@ FLING FAIR
  3. Star earring 10L yoyo9
  4. Gingerbread Man 15L Somethin' In Your Mouth 
  5. Christmas Holly Bodysuit w/Lolas,Azz Applier Begins Nov. 29th. EXCLUSIVE!! .S&C.@ Enchanted Christmas Fair
  7. Stand Poses Shawny [ pose+ivity ]@ fi*Friday


Y vamos a lo que viste Debbie...
  1. Carlijn - Light blond Hair 95L MINA Hair@My  Attic 
  2.  Vintage Tunic Black Knitted NEW!! <*>B<*>
  3. Debbie Black Jeans NEW!! <*>B<*>
  4. Casual Leather Slides Black Slink Sandals GROUP GIFT  (10L Fee - look at notices) Slink

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love me

  1.  * SHY * Hair Free Group Gift .:EMO-tions..
  2. Sweet cotton candy dress Free LUCKY LETTER loveme.
  3. Santa Bunny 1L !gO!
  4. Winter Mesh Boots w/HUD 1L NS::


  1. Nadia Blonde Hair -LaViere-@ COLLABOR88
  2. FlurriesSweater Mesh Dress Snowflakes w/Lolas Applier EXCLUSIVE!! .S&C.@ Silicone
  3. Mora Platform SLINK MID FEET Sandals - Smooth Grey ::DirtyMind::@ fi*Friday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Novedades y Eventos en este post !! Hoy comenzó Hello Titty Slots Gatcha event wohoo!! Asi que por aca le estare mostrando parte de lo que puedes encontrar!!
  1. Lana Hair NEW!! [Castellian]
  2.  Romance Jewelry set Baubles!@ .:: Designer Circle ::
  3. Pink heart babydoll top w Lolas Applier RARE GATCHA [HC]@ Hello Titty Slots
  4. Lea Mini Skirt Black w/PhatAzz Applier NEW!! ::Moon Inc::

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cozy Winter

Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow !!
  1. Pandashian Hair Stick Rare (adorno pelo) 50L GATCHA Sugel Co.@ Rabbit Hole
  2. Freya Eyes & Cherry Pink Lip Tattoo(ojos, pintalabios) GROUP GIFT (fee to join,grupo de paga)B.C.C
  3. Teeth Tattoo (dientes) Free *(OO)*YUKI
  4. Portable de Matriochka Ruban rose (necklace,collar)40L GATCHA :NuDoLu:
  5.  Aries Sheepie - Strawberry (oveja) 50L GATCHA >A&A<
  6. My Cozy Mesh Winter Dress - Regal Rose (vestido) NEW!! dD
  7. Knee tattoo -Robot Feels - SICK (tatuaje rodillas)40L GATCHA NEO**
  8. Popo SLINK Sandals (requiere pies slink) Free Lucky Letter B.C.C

My name is Sonja

My name is Sonja a Devil with a Sword who return to take vengance ....
  1. Sonja Costume w/Lolas, Azz Applier  hunt gift SBH Ravnous
  2. Epsilon Mesh Hair (pelo) 100L .EMBW.
( Diffrent sword included)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sugar and Spice and everything nice

As angelical or as Evil you decide *.*
  1. Fiend Horns Black (cuernos) *Milk*@Suicide Dollz
  2. libra - splash Hair Free (pelo) AD
  3. Heart of Fire skin w/Lolas Applier (piel) 5L SB hunt .::C.C. Kre-ations::.
  4. Mouth bent straw (sorbete) Free Group Gift tapi@ Suicide DollZ
  5. Mesh Jacket Pink  Free Group Gift M.o.w@Suicide DollZ
  6. Ripped Moon Shorts Black w/Azz Applier NEW!! Moon Inc
  7. Heart bag & key chain Heart  35 or 50 L for time limited  GATCHA NEW!! NS::
  8. Abbiekins Garter -WhitePink (banda pierna) geek@ Suicide Dollz
  9. Gogo Boots (botas) Free SUBCRIBE Gift +>A&A<+
  10. Liz-Pose Pack 70L  {Imeka~}@ kustom9

Sunday, November 17, 2013


  1. Gamma Hair in One (pelo) Free LUCKY LETTER .EMBW.
  2. Snowy Rabbit (conejo)Free !gO!
  3.  Freakum Bodysuit w/ Lolas,Azz Applier 55L <*>B<*> @fi*Friday
  4. Mustache Heels (tacones) Free GROUP GIFT -SSW-

More Super Heroines & Super Villains

  1. Cheetara is one of the Thundercats based off a Cheetah but in human form Where does she hide?>>>> ToXiC HiGh
  2. Lady Death is the Queen of Hell and the original Bad Girl Where is she? >>>IMP TAIL
  3. Zatanna is a powerful magician and member of the justice league Where ?>>> ^WSC^
All outfits are 5 or 20 L w/ boobies Appliers

Saturday, November 16, 2013


  1. Ruby Hair (pelo) ISON
  2. Pl0m Silver wings (alitas) 55L ..::DeliciouS::..@ fi*Friday
  3.  WildTunageEarrings (aretes)49L Baubles!for Secret Wednesday!
  4. Crucifix Sweater Mesh Dress (vestido)w/Lolas Applier EXCLUSIVE! Opens on the 17th. .S&C.@Suicide Dollz
  5. Arabic Leg Tatto (tatuaje) w/Azz Applier 55L Your cocain@ fi*Friday
  6. Aviators Raven Studded boots (botas) LIMITED! FLite.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Super Heroines or Super Villains?

  1. Aeon Flux a mysterious and amoral secret agent ....where is she? >>> ~Glasgow Grin~
  2. Vampirella is a sexy female vampire born on Drakulon...where is she? >>> Souled Out
  3. Batgirl is an ally of Batman and Robin who also patrol Gotham City..where is she?>>> Fulana'S
Other place to look for these girls? >>> KaTnipZ Wonderland
All outfits are 5 or 20 L w/ Lolas Appliers

  • Platinum blond&Topaz amber Hair (pelo) FREE GROUP GIFT Uw.St
  • Mesh GLADIATOR SANDLES on Batgirl 55L HOLLY@ fi*Friday

Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs

The Heroines and Villains of all time crash landed into KaTnipZ Wonderland and it is your duty to help them! There are over 40 outfits for you to find in the whole forest. Can you collect them all?
 Most of the gifts are 5L some are 20L. "Why?" you ask? Because some Designers made the effort to accept two challenges and we want to show them some appreciation !!
  1. Scarlet Witch  can manipulate probability. She is a mutant and daughter of Magneto. Where does Scarlet hide? >>> Tit's Up
  2. Sucker Punch Baby doll ....Where is she? >>> Fashion Krush
  3. Super Girl is the cousin of Superman. Where to find this girl? >>> Mmm...Kay!
What are you looking for? A bright POW sign.
(objeto a buscar letrero que dice POW )

Las heroinas y villanas han llegado a Katnipz Wonderland y es tu trabajo ayudarles! Son 40 conjuntos que debes encontrar en todo el bosque. Puedes colectarlos todos? Casi todos los regalos son a 5L ,algunos son a 20L ,Porque? Esto es porque algunos diseñadores hicieron el esfuerzo de crear dos conjuntos y queremos mostrales nuestro aprecio !!

TP   >>> Katnipz Wonderland
More about this Hunt  Click >>> Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs




Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuck you my dear

  1.  My Dear Sunglasses (gafas) & Day of the Dead Necklace (collar) Sugel Co.@Rabbit Hole Sales Room
  2. PUNK ALTERNATIVE OUTFIT (glasses (no in pic) jacket mesh,bra (no in pic), mesh skirt,headband,ring mesh,socks(no in pic),boots (no in pic) NEW!! 100L  NS::
  3.  Climbstra (Ultra)Platform Sandals FOR SLINK MID FEET SYL

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I am Nerd ?

  2. My Mushie Earrings (aretes) GATCHA dD@ The Thrift Shop
  3.  Nails - Babygirl (uñas) Free GROUP NEEDED Bamboo
  4. Batwing MeshTop - Nerd .S&C. @ Stuff in Stock
  5. Little Curly Plushie Kitty (gatito) Free GIFTS HOME
  6. Tinkerbell tail (cola) -  This tail is an original mesh and it comes with a texture change hud.  NEW!! .::C.C. Kre-ations::.
  7. "Skimpy Skirt" Black Out HUD (falda) Kenendy
  8. knee tattoo - band - water melon (bandas rodillas) 20L GATCHA NEO**
  9. moco*2 boots -black(pink ribbon)- rigged mesh (botas)10L ::kDm::

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Y que viste Cecilia?
  1. Cecilia Skin w/Lolas Applier (piel) Free GROUP GIFT Al Vulo!
  2. Black Cherry Dahlia Hair (pelo) Free GROUP GIFT ^v^DRBC^v^
  3. Get Drunk Nails (uñas) 1L [ S H O C K ]
  4.  BubbleGum Dress W/lolas tango applier/ Phat azz applier come with shoes ,bracelets,collar(traje,collar,pulseras,medias,botines) NEW!!PROMO!! 100L NS:: 
  5.  Henteko Pose (mix2) 35L +Natural+@ The Chapter Four

A rainy day

  1. Black Umbrella (sombrilla) Free <OTP>
  2. SideLined Tee-Red w/Tango,Lush Applier -N- @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room
  3.  Maki Skirt Vintage Flower (falda mesh) Free  The 8th Unknown Hunt Gift   Fabouzz

Monday, November 11, 2013


  1. Black Widow Corset (mesh) w/Lolas Tango Applier 50L NS::@ Siria's room
  2. Super Low Rise Jeans Black w/PhatAzz Applier NEW!! ::Moon Inc::
  3. Catarina Poses 50L PURPLE POSES@ The Thrift Shop
Past Event
Velvet Stiletto Boots >> Stasis

Fuck Hard & Listen to Metal

Sexy ujum!!
  1.  Maisie  Hair (pelo) .ploom.
  2. Artillery Antler (cuernos) 50L GATCHA [AUX]@ The Thrift Shop
  3.  Peeking Blindfold (banda ojos) 35L GATCHA [LF]@ The Thrift Shop
  4. LipLickersTongue (lengua) 49L UNTIL MONDAY Baubles!@ Secret Wednesday Yardsale
  5. Top w/Lolas Applier & Short w/Azz Applier (caceria) Hunt Gift Dirty Little Secret ToXiC HiGh

Past Posts
PreciousBangles >> Baubles!
 Rose Tatoo >> Your cocain

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cute Kitty

  1. Spinny Heart (corazon da vueltas) Free [NoRe!]
  2. . Lips That Talk - Milk Mouth . (banda boca) 5L GATCHA  Candy Mountain
  3. My Cute Kitty Hoodie (top mesh) EXCLUSIVE NEW !! 50% OFF dD @The Thrift Shop
  4.  Prim Nails* (uñas) Free Kawaii Mini Hunt [LOVE SOUL]
  5. Mini mesh denim skirt (part of outfit - falda parte de un conjunto ) Free Kawaii Mini Hunt ::kDm::
  6. PANTHER FOOTLESS TIGHTS (medias) 8Pack 85L HOLLY@ . Feeb's Rascals
  7. FootFashions Jewelry for SLINK MID FEET (prendas para pie slink) NEW!!50% off with group tag Baubles!

A little innocent

Varias cositas que consegui creando varios Look  inspirando un poco de inocencia !
  1. Mesh Fuwa lace dress & earrings (vestido,aretes) Free Kawaii Mini Hunt *Ambrosia* - Osakana Socks (medias ) Free - *.amato.*
  2.  Choco bag (bolsa perrito) 1L -  Retro girl dress orange(vestido naranja) Free Lucky Letter - Sabot Sandals (zapatos) Free Lucky Letter ALL OF THEM >>> !1mm*** 
  3. AMI dress -LB pink- (vestido) Free with GROUP TAG Lucky Letter ::kDm:: - wagara handbag (bolsa rosa) GROUP GIFT !1mm***
  4. @_@ Eyes Blindfold (banda ojos) - Rabbit Slippers (chinelas conejo) Free Lucky Letter [NoRe!] - Sweet McFlurry Topw/Lolas Applier Free (caceria)TDTH #21 &  Fishup Nets-Bubblegum (medias ) GATCHA 35L *HolliPocket*  - scarf untied shorts (pant) 1L Swanky  - Doro (mouth)001 (jugo boca) 1L GATCHA *.amato.*
<<< Kirsten - Naturals Hair (pelo) NEW!! >> Tameless

Friday, November 8, 2013

Give me some Sugar !

  1.  Retro Mesh Dress w/Lolas Applier NEW!! .S&C.
  2. Vivid Mesh Dress w/Lolas Applier 60L PROMO FOR LAZY SUNDAY .S&C.
  3. Snowflakes Bodysuit w/Lolas ,Azz & Slink tatoo Applier EXCLUSIVO!! .S&C.@Bewbapalooza

I am a mystery

  1. Hair~Bed Head *Blacks* (pelo) 55L *Milk*@ fi*Friday
  2. Gothic Lip Gloss Smoke (pintalabios) 55L Pink Acid @fi*Friday
  3. Slinky Mesh Dress (traje)w/Lolas Applier Free GROUP GIFT ( M ) Mystery
  4. Lisbon  Sandals 99L Essenz@ ~I LOVE SHOES 99L EVENT~
 GothicPrincessCuffs old post Baubles!


  1. Emy_Brown Hair (pelo) Miss C.
  2. Punk Princess Skirt & Top w/Lolas Applier <*>B<*>
  3. All Eyes On Me Pose Pack  [C.A]
Anything over 55L WHERE?>>>> fi*Friday

Thursday, November 7, 2013


  1. Bonnie Skin (piel) w/Lolas,Slink Appliers 99L {FG}@ SYS Project
  2. Star Child Flames Outfit (top w/ Lolas Applier,mesh short,jacket,collar,bracer,boots) 50L Souled Out @Rabbit Hole
  3. Tilly - Naturals Hair (pelo) NEW!! Tameless
  4. Chain tail (cola) original mesh NEW!! .::C.C. Kre-ations::.

Rock Star

  1. Rock Star Poses 5L RAH (caceria) Flash Friendly Poses
  2. F036HairBlond02 (pelo) NEW!! .:cheveux:.
  3.  Naomi  Mesh TShirt Dress (vestido) 5L RAH (caceria) Leri Miles Designs
  4. Ygritte Boot (botas) 99L <P3>@ ~I LOVE SHOES 99L EVENT~
Tights old post *.*

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


  1. Mesh Kairi Corset-Pants w/Lolas Applier NEW!! .S&C.
  2. Sandals Free for The 8th Unknown Hunt  Essenz

Are you a Mad Hatter ?

  1. Cannonball - gold mini dress w/Lolas Applier .::Pink Sugah::.
  2. Up All Night BabyDoll w/Lolas Appliers & Heels (no in pic) Souled Out
  3. V Acid Dress Punk Pink Boob & Azz AppliersToXiC HiGh
  4.  Bandana Baby Teal w/Tango,Lush,Brazilia & Azz Appliers .:Tits Up:.
  5. Mesh Crimson Pusher  (corset,pant) Stasis
  6. Angel Spiked Heels Sky Blue blah.BLAH.blah
NOTHING OVER 50L >>>> Where??>>> Mad Hatter Week Sale!